Risk Legacy: Earth #00024486

Initial Faction Powers

Initial Faction powers were determined by vote. We shuffled and randomly pulled the power cards one at a time. Each player had a bottlecap, and for each vote you held out your closed hand. Having the bottlecap in hand meant voting for the first power, no bottlecap meant a vote for the second. With five players, there could be no ties.

Die Mechaniker: Your starting HQ is always treated as FORTIFIED when you defend it.

Imperial Balkania: You still draw a resource card at the end of a turn where you expanded into 4+ territories, even if you didn’t conquer a territory.

Khan Industries: At the start of your turn, place one troop in each territory that has an HQ you control.

Saharan Republic: When making your maneuver, you may maneuver between any two territories you control, even if they are not connected.

Enclave of the Bear: If your attack roll is a natural three of a kind and at least one defending troop is defeated, you conquer the territory. Remove all defending troops.

Voting Breakdown

Anthony ? ? ? Y ?
Jacob ? ? ? Y ?
Tim ? ? ? N ?
Josh ? ? ? Y ?
Holy Y Y Y Y Y


Holy Holy

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