Risk Legacy: Earth #00024486

Game One

It was determined that we would first do random seating. Playing Cards from (Ace – Five) were placed on each seat, and a second set of cards were used as a draw deck. We then rolled the three attack dice with highest going first, but decided that a top-tie meant everyone re-rolled.

The high roll was a 15 with Anthony, making the order:


Round One

Anthony chose Imperial Balkania and started in Eastern Australia. He pushed out to conquer the purple continent and fortified his extra troops in Southeast Asia. This allowed him to use the IB ability to draw a coin.

I (Holy) chose Die Mechaniker, landing in Brazil and taking over that continent and Central America, leaving extra troops there and in Brazil.

Josh chose Khan Industries, starting in Madagascar and taking a cautious approach to nab about half of the continent.

Tim selected the Enclave of the Bear, started in Japan, and spread into Eastern Asia.

Jacob was left with the Saharan Republic and started in Scandinavia, quickly pushing out and taking over Europe.

Round Two

The Balkanians move aggressively to attack the Enclave China, earning a Coin and continuing to solidify in Southeast Asia.

The Mechanikers strike a deal with Khan Industries to make the Africa-razil waterway a DMZ. They then push up along the Eastern Seaboard of The United States and Canada into Iceland, launching an attack at the Saharans entrenched there, hoping to break their control of Europe. They are rebuffed.

Khan attempts an attack into Southern Europe and is also rebuffed, but manages to claim the brown continent.

Seemingly worried about the loss of their capital, the Enclave fortifies Japan heavily, with minimal expansion into Asia.

The Saharans, bolstered with a great levy from controlling Europe, launch an attack into Greenland, finding the lone Mechaniker Garrison entrenched in a bunker. The garrison is overwhelmed and the Saharans likewise press into Eastern Canada, stopping there and reinforcing Southern Europe. They collect Great Britain with its three resources.

Round Three

The Balkanians spread into India and rush Japan but are rebuffed.

Mech troops are reinforced in the Eastern US, and take the fight and gain a foothold in Iceland, breaking the Saharan control of Europe.

Khan attempts to push North into Europe again, but withdraws after losing two initial skirmishes.

The Enclave reveals an Ammo Shortage in China, destroying many Imperial troops and setting the Balkanians back.

The Saharans turn in their four coins, collecting an extra seven troops. These are placed in Southern Europe and press into North Africa without resistance. An attack against the fortified Mecha Headquarters in Brazil proves easier than expected. The remaining Saharans then sweep across Africa, launching a final two troops against the single Khan garrison in Madagascar. The attack is successful, and the Saharans are proven victorious.


Player Faction Starting Territory Result Wins Reward
Jacob Saharan Republic Scandinavia Won 1 Major City: Greenland
Vae Tu
Anthony Imperial Balkania Eastern Australia Held On 0 Minor City: India
Holy Die Mechaniker Brazil Held On 0 Minor City: Eastern United States
Josh Khan Industries Madagascar Held on 0 Minor City: Central Africa
Tim Enclave of the Bear Japan Held On 0 Resource Allocation
Initial Resource Allocation

For the initial 12 resources to be allocated, we gave everyone three slips of paper. Without collaboration, each of us wrote down a location on each of the slips. We decided that you could double up once. So either, three different names, or two names and a single.

We then placed all fifteen slips in a hat and had an impartial witness draw. The extra three slips would only be drawn if a draw would have pushed a single card beyond the starting limit of three resources.

The final breakdown:

Great Britain x 2
Eastern Australia x 2
Yakutsk x 2
Siberia x 2

Initial Faction Powers

Initial Faction powers were determined by vote. We shuffled and randomly pulled the power cards one at a time. Each player had a bottlecap, and for each vote you held out your closed hand. Having the bottlecap in hand meant voting for the first power, no bottlecap meant a vote for the second. With five players, there could be no ties.

Die Mechaniker: Your starting HQ is always treated as FORTIFIED when you defend it.

Imperial Balkania: You still draw a resource card at the end of a turn where you expanded into 4+ territories, even if you didn’t conquer a territory.

Khan Industries: At the start of your turn, place one troop in each territory that has an HQ you control.

Saharan Republic: When making your maneuver, you may maneuver between any two territories you control, even if they are not connected.

Enclave of the Bear: If your attack roll is a natural three of a kind and at least one defending troop is defeated, you conquer the territory. Remove all defending troops.

Voting Breakdown

Anthony ? ? ? Y ?
Jacob ? ? ? Y ?
Tim ? ? ? N ?
Josh ? ? ? Y ?
Holy Y Y Y Y Y

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